I have dedicated myself to helping other moms thrive in motherhood.

For the past decade I have helped moms remember themselves, stop worrying, find more patience, and be more present.

Now I am doing that as an Ayurvedically inspired coach. 

I blend Ayurveda and yoga with my years of experience and tools gained as a psychotherapist to help you find calm and enjoy your kids and your life.

My mothering journey had a rocky start.

I entered the realm of motherhood with rose-colored glasses and expectations fed to me by movies, tv, and media.

I had no idea how quickly those ideals would be squashed by the reality of motherhood.

Raising kids 10 hours from my family added to my uncertainty, loneliness, and overwhelm.

I was worried about everything, suffered from severe insomnia, and never felt good enough.

I could not keep up with the chores and the pressure I put on myself to meet my perception of societal expectations of what made a “good mom.”

I often wondered what I had done to myself, but then would feel incredibly guilty for feeling that way because I deeply loved my kids and wanted to be a mom!

My kids turned out to be instrumental in my personal and spiritual growth.

They brought to light anxiety, panic, worries, perfectionism, and self loathing that lurked beneath the surface but dictated so much of my behavior.

And had for so many years.

Because of my struggles with being a mom, I sought out help so I could be a better mom and because I wanted to feel calm in my life. 

I wanted to ENJOY my life AND my kids.

I learned that so many of the things I struggled with as a mom other mothers also struggled with.

I realized I was not alone or flawed.

I was normal and raising kids in this crazy time where we are separated by many miles from our families.


I am a hopelessly and happily an introvert, my favorite place to be is at home with my family.

I have a micromini goldendoodle, Raj, who is my 3rd child and has taught me a ton about living joyfully!

I LOVE a good Americano with cream.

Being near water is my happy place, but I live in landlocked Colorado.

I am proud to be an Iowa native and hope to return to the midwest to live one day.

I have dedicated myself to helping moms thrive in motherhood.

I can help YOU remember yourself, stop worrying,
find more patience, and be more present.