I have dedicated myself to helping women thrive by slowing down, learning to rest, and hearing their inner voice.

For over a decade, as a mental health counselor, I have helped women and mothers remember themselves, stop worrying, find more patience, and be more present.

Now I am doing that as an Holistic Life coach. 

I blend a mind-body-spirit with my years of experience and tools gained as a psychotherapist to help you find calm and enjoy your life.

I am a self-proclaimed high achiever and chronic over-achiever….in recovery.

I have lived most of my life pushing to be better and constantly working to figure out how to be the best in anything I do.

I am a persistent researcher, reader, and seeker.

I have two Master’s Degrees, was admitted to a PsyD program when my son was one week old (thank God I declined), have multiple certifications, and have read HUNDREDS of books.

My mind spins with ideas and my body is always moving.

I gave myself 100% to my kids and my clients leaving my emotional and physical health on the back burner.

I didn’t know how to say no (boundaries anyone??), take care of myself, or REST.

Striving and doing were number 1 in my life.

I (still) have a hard time stopping as my mind is filled with 10,000 things that “need” to be done.

However, all of my efforts often didn’t feel good enough. I was always just waiting for someone to see through my BS to see who I really am….inept, unworthy, and scared.

I ended up with anxiety, insomnia, and intense adrenal fatigue.

I also wasn’t actually achieving anything I wanted to achieve or feeling what I wanted to feel from those achievements.

I found that no matter how much I sought knowledge, money, and achievement NOTHING would fill that giant God shaped hole in my being that said, “I am not lovable or worthy.”

Until I found (after lots of seeking, lol) that “Yes, I am worthy” just because I EXIST and breathe.

I have learned boundaries, managing my mind so it doesn’t run me ragged, the importance of rest, self-kindness, how to be curious about what is happening in my life, forgiveness, taking responsibility, and BEST of all…learned how to stop and listen to what I really need to feel what I want to feel in my life…plus so much more.

I teach all of this to my clients. My clients learn that they can feel calm and compassionate toward themselves while they create their lives. 


I am a hopelessly and happily an introvert, my favorite place to be is at home with my family.

I have a micromini goldendoodle, Raj, who is my 3rd child and has taught me a ton about living joyfully!

I LOVE a good Americano with cream.

Being near water is my happy place, but I live in landlocked Colorado.

I am proud to be an Iowa native and hope to return to the midwest to live one day.