What is Brainspotting?

Your thoughts are influenced by your memories. The memories influencing your thoughts and behaviors are often unconscious. You can get to your desired level of functioning faster when you utilize interventions such as Brainspotting and other somatic techniques. This is why I love Brainspotting, it creates faster and longer lasting changes in my clients.

Brainspotting is a brain-body based intervention that accesses the unconscious mind to help you process the emotions surrounding past experiences and memories. Talk therapy alone cannot access the deeper, emotional areas of the brain.  Together we neurobiologically locate, focus, process, and release experiences that are limiting your current life experience and help you expand into living a life with more ease, joy, and contentment.

Brainspotting is based on the premise: “Where you look affects how you feel.” Your brainspot is the eye position which is related to your emotional/energetic activation of an emotionally charged issue held within the deeper regions of the brain.  We find your brainspot with some very simple techniques. In fact, you can notice for yourself where your brainspot is relatively easily, when you are telling a story (a good or uncomfortable story) notice where your eyes land.  They will typically rest on one or even a few specific spots, those are all brainspots, or “gazespots.”

Brainspotting uses the body’s “felt sense” in addition the brainspot.  The felt sense is the feeling you experience in your body while processing a certain topic.  You might feel tightness in your jaw, chest, tingling in your arms, or heaviness in your legs. The possibilities are endless. You focus on the sensation you are feeling in your body while looking at your brainspot to help you process and release whatever it is you are working on.

Ideally, Brainspotting is done while listening to biolateral sounds which alternatively stimulate the hemispheres of the brain and potential helps you to access deeper parts of the brain.  Most people find the music calming, but for those that do not, Brainspotting can be effective without the sounds.

Brainspotting increases awareness of emotions and body. Therefore it is incredibly yogic as you are paying attention to your body and mind and observing moment to moment changes with compassion and non-judgment.

Brainspotting is like my magic wand for my clients looking to Calm the F Down. I have seen amazing shifts take place ranging from feeling so much calmer, being able to back into feeling calm much easier than before, and feel connected to an extreme sense of peace, connection, and inner knowing that everything is ok.






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