Brainspotting is a mindfulness-based and brain-body based intervention that helps you to clear out life experiences, memories, and traumas held deep in your brain. Talk therapy alone cannot access these areas of the brain.  But, with support of your therapist, your body, and bilateral music, we can begin to neurobiologically locate, focus, process, and release experiences that are limiting your current life experience and help you expand into living a life with more ease, joy, and contentment.

Brainspotting is based on the premise: “Where you look affects how you feel.” Your brainspot is the eye position which is related to your emotional/energetic activation of an emotionally charged issue held within the deeper regions of the brain.  We find your brainspot with some very simple techniques. In fact, you can notice for yourself where your brainspot is relatively easily, when you are telling a story (a good or uncomfortable story) notice where your eyes land.  They will typically rest on one or even a few specific spots, those are all brainspots, or “gazespots.”  


Brainspotting uses the body’s “felt sense” in addition the brainspot. The felt sense is the feeling you experience in your body while processing a certain topic.  You might feel tightness in your jaw, chest, tingling in your arms, or heaviness in your legs. The possibilities are endless. You focus on the sensation you are feeling in your body while looking at your brainspot to help you process and release whatever it is you are working on.

Ideally, Brainspotting is done while listening to biolateral sounds which alternatively stimulate the hemispheres of the brain and potential helps you to access deeper parts of the brain.  Most people find the music calming, but for those that do not, Brainspotting can be effective without the sounds.

For more information, go to  Listen to David Grand, the creator of Brainspotting, explain what Brainspotting is in the video below.


I use Brainspotting for the following, and more:
-Anxiety and Panic
-Performance Enhancement: reaching goals, self-confidence, self-love and worthiness, and expanding into full potential
-Perinatal Distress/Postpartum anxiety/OCD/Trauma
-Trauma: childhood, car accidents, injuries, natural disasters, birth trauma, etc.



I do not take insurance.  However, I do provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance. Depending on your insurance and out-of-network deductible, sessions may be partially reimbursed.  I can take Flex-spending and HSA cards.

60-minute Individual sessions/Brainspotting session: $150

Brainspotting is a large part of how I help my clients, Brainspotting is available to all of my current and incoming clients. I also work with clients who have a therapist but need additional support due to trauma or just feeling stuck.  I am happy to work in conjunction with another therapist. Individual sessions are done virtually or in-person.

90-minute Individual sessions/Brainspotting session: $200

Brainspotting-Yoga 3-hour Intensives: $425

Intensives sessions offer you the opportunity to go deeper into processing with Brainspotting.  The 3-hour length gives us plenty of time to explore, process, and even take a break.

We end with breath work and gentle yoga postures to aid in the release of the trauma or memories from the body. Yoga also encourages embodiment so you leave the session feeling grounded. 

The intensive sessions are wonderful for people who do not want to come weekly or who desire to go deeper to potentially expedite the clearing of old traumas and negative life experiences.  I am happy to work in conjunction with another therapist.

Intensives are in-person.

For more information regarding Brainspotting email me at or call or text me at 720-273-3492.