12 Tenets of Abundance

Money has always been a complex and difficult subject for me. 

My journey with it has been riddled with lack, scarcity, striving, and LOTS of envy.

I grew up barely having enough and surrounded by people who seemed to have more than enough.

For a long time, I let this define my worthiness.

I strived and pushed to make money.  

I was terrified of running out of money which then dictated most of my decisions and ran my nervous system ragged. 

I did not seem to be able to achieve enough, make enough, or work hard enough to feel worthy, meet my financial goals, or feel secure. 

So, I started studying abundance and looking more closely at my money mindset. 

I found that the answer to abundance was really in my perspective, my mind, and my heart….and that my outer world of abundance was not going to be realized until my inner world was at peace and felt worthy.

Here are 12 of the thoughts that help me to keep myself out of fear and anxiety and feel more calm, optimistic, and thinking from a place of potential.

Namaste~ Nichole