12 Tenets of Abundance

1: Money doesn’t solve money problems.

I found this concept in the Get Rich Lucky Bitch book by Denise Duffield-Thomas. You can work really hard to achieve and make all of the money in the world, but if you don’t uncover your beliefs around money you are going to continue making the same decisions and the same mistakes.  There is a saying that goes something like, “If you can’t manage $1000, how are you going to manage a $1,000,000?” 

Denise talks about celebs like MC Hammer, Mike Tyson, and Kim Basinger who have all had to file for bankruptcy.  It’s a quick Google search to read about that. Money did not solve their money problems.


2: I am where I am and that is ok.

When you start to feel frustrated about how far you HAVEN’T come and start comparing yourself or when you want to buy that fabulous new sweater or car but you just can’t yet….this saying is your go-to.  It is a concept I have learned from Abraham Hicks.  When you fight against what is then you are going upstream and away from what what you want.  Being ok with exactly where you are helps you to flow downstream and brings to you what you want more quickly.


3: Don’t focus on reality!

Another of my Abraham Hicks favorites.  When you find that fabulous sweater you want or that new car and you just can’t yet…acknowledge where you are and accept it BUT DO NOT beat the drum of it.  So don’t focus on it, don’t beat yourself up for it, and don’t wallow in the misery of not having it. Keep visualizing what you want and feeling as if it is real right now.  


4: Living within your means is an act of self-love.

If you find yourself spending money to FEEL abundant and feel like if you don’t you are depriving yourself, you are actually functioning more from scarcity and lack. You are not acting from true abundance which is a feeling of already having enough and you do not need to spend money to do that.  Loving yourself enough not to spend ahead of having the money is setting yourself for feeling calm and secure in your money story.Living within your means is an act of love. You can read more about this in Kate Northrup’s book, Money a Love Story.

Before you buy ask yourself what emotion is motivating your purchase. How can you buy from place of love?


5: Money doesn’t define your worthiness, neither does debt.

You are worthy regardless of your net worth and debt.  You were born worthy. End of story. Debt cannot steal that from you, money cannot increase it.  


6: Feel as if and feel like you will feel if you have money. 

What will you feel like when you have money?  What does that feel like in your body?  Practice feeling that every day and see what the universe delivers.


7-Money is Prana, it needs to flow.

The tantric view is that money is energy, like prana. Prana is life force or the divine energy that gives us life to move, create, and exist. Ideally prana moves freely and easily to you and through you. But prana can get stuck. It will flow to you when you allow it too. It gets stuck when your mind is in scarcity mode…so when you don’t believe you can have what you want, hoard money, or have too much attachment to anything a stuckness is created. Yogic and Ayurvedic practices that help it flow to you. 


8: Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. 

Feel gratitude for what you currently have in life and what you want will flow more freely to you. Find 5 things you are grateful for everyday, your mind will start to change and your perspective will become more optimistic.


9-Feel all of your feelings, avoid spiritual bypassing.

While visualizing and gratitude are really important, allowing yourself to feel all of the uncomfortable emotions that come up along the way is important.  If you don’t allow yourself to feel what comes up causes prana to get stuck. Suppression of emotion will perpetuate any negative beliefs about money.  Let yourself feel the emotions so they flow on through you.


10-Manifestation responds to vibration.

 You can do, strive, achieve, journal, and buy things but the universe responds to vibration.  95% of what drives your behavior is unconscious, so clearing out what is stored in your unconscious brain is an important part of attracting what you want.  


11-Is this an upper limit problem?

You are accustomed to vibrating at a certain level, when you start to expand beyond that level your unconscious will sabotage you to bring you back to your usual level. This level is set by your life experiences and your experience with your caregivers. The upper limit problem can show up as worry, illness, doubt, and criticism.  Learn more about in The Big Leap by Gay Hendriks. 


12: Your outer world reflects your inner world.

 The results you get in your life are a direct result of what is happening within your mind, body, and heart. If your life is a mess, you are likely feeling like a mess inside with lots of confusion, anxiety, and even depression.


+Two more:


13: You are 100% responsible for your results.

 Enough said.  Victimhood and blame will keep you from creating what you want.


14: Be curious.

Whatever is happening to you, step back and be curious.  You might not get your answer immediately, but curiosity creates an openness to your circumstances, helps you to find answers, and allows you to flow downstream.

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