Miserable. Tired. Worried. Overwhelmed. You do not have to feel this way anymore.

I can help you transform from a worried, tightly wound ball of stress, into someone who is kind and gentle toward themself and feels relaxed in your life.

You can feel RELIEF from the stressors of motherhood, from the drama of your mind, and wanting to escape your life.  You can simply feel better.  More energetic, calm, and joyful.

I climbed out of the overwhelm, loneliness, and the guilt of motherhood. I found these challenges are really opportunities for growth.

From that pain and growth, I have been teaching moms to do the same for the past several years as mental health therapist and now as an Ayurvedically Inspired Coach.


My clients come to me when they are at the end of their rope. I CAN HELP YOU. You can thrive (not just survive) as a mom.

Work with Me

You CAN become calmer, more confident, happier and begin living a life you love. Coaching transforms lives.

Nichole has a special gift for being incredibly thoughtful and encouraging in her coaching style. My sessions with Nichole made me feel safe, heard, and supported, and her brainspotting session was profoundly healing. She was always acutely sensitive and mindful, which I appreciated. Her self-awareness coupled with her varied skill set are rare qualities that I treasure in a coach or healer! It is always a relief to seek her counsel.

Megan S.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi